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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Signs of maturity

Note: Imaginary names. Original expression of thoughts

She asked him, "Rakesh, you are very mature... I am sure you'll have the solution to my problem." and narrated to him a six-sentence long confusion of a problem. It was about her boyfriend, his mother who wanted to marry him to his ex-girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend who was in love with her boyfriend's boss...

Rakesh had hardly understood the problem. Still he started answering, "You see Prerna.. you must understand that the person..........." and he went on. After all Prerna had called him 'mature'! :-)

Is maturity only about giving your opinion and knowing what to say? I don't agree. According to me, maturity is about - 1) being able to gather your knowledge and form an opinion/judgment, 2) being able to understand the limitation of your knowledge and deciding not to form an opinion/judgment.

By this, I mean that maturity is as much in keeping quiet (when you know that you are not good enough to speak about it) as it is to giving your mature advice.

So, to spot a 'mature' person in a discussion, do not just look for a person who is giving the most sane advices. Also look for the people who are keeping quiet.

The quiet ones are mature too - because they are the ones mature enough to accept that they are not sound enough to participate in the conversation.


  1. well said!
    maturity is definitely a term that is subject to varied perceptions, and the definition certainly needs to be bound by context, as you have put very well.

  2. Arre somehow I feel this post is written out of anger to throw tantrums on someone.... :D .... But I like the way it is... ;-)