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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ice Age 3 - Movie Review

Background: I have LOVED Ice age I and II and generally liked I more than II for the fact that it had a very human tale associated with it.

About IA3:

It's Sid, Manny, Diego and Ellie at what they do the best - long journeys for a goal, swooshing down slopes, flying and jumping around! This time Ellie's pregnant and still decides to join Manny and Diego on a journey to find Sid who has been kidnapped by the dinosaurs. What follows is a typical tale of thrilling adventure.

Kya hai pakka-pakka:
The movie has all the essential Ice Age elements - begins with Scrat, ends with Scrat's nut cracking up the earth, has Diego, Sid and Manny's interaction. For company, they have some dinosaur kids, some dinosaurs and Buck! :-)

The chase sequences - the flying dinosaur sequence, the laughing gas tunnel are the amazing edge-of-the-seat evokers. Superb work!!

The jokes are again hilarious - witty with words!

Scrat is very entertaining.. this time, he's with SOMEONE!

Kya hai kachha-kachha: (Pakka-pakka, kachha-kachha.. anyone remembers SRK's KBC? I do! :) )

Well, I missed Sid! Sid is not in his regular blabbermouth form - nevertheless very endearing.

Buck's character was a clear lift off 'Puss in the boots' ... leave the dhaapadhaapi to Bollywood, oh Hollywoodwaalon! :-)

You wish there were more heart-touching moments in the film because the movie does not try to go beyond being 'hilarious' (while on the other hand, Ice Age I was moving at many points.).

Overall verdict:

Thumbs up bhai, thumbs up!!! :-) Ice Age 3 was WORTH getting up early on a Sunday morning and going to the theatre! When the DVD's out, I'm going to queue up for it for sure...

1 comment:

  1. Very cute and entertaining film, perfect for 4 yrs old and up....I'm 44 yrs old (shut up!) and I enjoyed it a lot, love the slough....