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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Death of a Bat

Shreya let out a scream as she saw a bat entering from the window. The bat flew in fast, she heard a scary flap as it flapped its wings.

Shreya bent down and closed her hands with her palms. The helper at the public library hurried in with a tall broom. She tried to direct the bat out of the window.

The bat kept moving through the room from one end to another and a shriek kept coming from Shreya when it was anywhere close to where she was sitting.

The bat moved closer to the ceiling and there was a sound of a snap.

The bat came down like a plane that has caught fire.

The bat had cut its wing in the pane of the ceiling fan. 

I saw the five inch long wing on the shiny metallic table which was meant for people to read. I saw blood through the portion where it was cut from the body of the bat.

While Shreya was screaming her lungs out, the bat was screaming too. Just that we couldn't hear.

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