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Thursday, October 09, 2008

A handful of sky

He is standing at the beach with his cream-coloured trousers folded up to his knees. He has rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, the first two buttons are off.

He stretches out his arms, he looks like the Cross. As waves splash against his feet, he begins to sink slowly.

His hairy chest continues to move up and down as he breathes heavily, trying to breath in as much joy as he can.

He bent down as he collected a handful of the waves. He threw them as high as he could. With the droplets that came down, he could feel the sky peeling off - melting as it fell over his head, down his neck. 

He could feel a handful of sky pouring down on him.

1 comment:

  1. You are a marvellous describer, Aadi...!!!

    it hardly takes a second to visualise anything that you put here in words...!!!

    and when something like "a handful of sky" has to be visualised.....its so wonderful and peaceful.....!!!

    Absolutely brilliant Aaditya....

    Keep it up...!!! :)