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Monday, October 06, 2008


There was pindrop silence in the class. The students listened carefully to the words the teacher was speaking out. They were to write down twenty such words as a part of a language dictation session. "Remembrance", the teacher said.

The students wrote the word their notebooks - the spelling the word took in each notebook was, however, different. Nishant wrote 'Rememberance' whileKritika wrote 'Remembrence'. The teacher would ocassionally peep into the notebooks of the students. She would want to giggle at the different spellings each one of them had written. She was rather amused at the way students would get worried when they saw her coming. That was because when a student sensed the teacher coming closer, his palms would go wet, he would grab the pencil tighter and the letters would become sharper.


Life dictates. Always. It will put you under pressure, try to throw challenges at you.

While you get scared of the problems that have been posed before you, life only giggles silently.

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