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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gmail Goggles

Note: Aah, I can't blv I'm writing about a technology on my blog. This is what IIT does to you perhaps.

Saturday nights (in the Western World, the conservative me likes to believe) are the time when people get drunk. Then you send hate emails to your boss, come-back-to-me emails to your ex and so on. Google has come up with a solution to the problem this situation could bring.

So as you see, the feature that Gmail has introduced is called 'Gmail Goggles'. In a nutshell, it gets activated on a Friday/Saturday night when a user is possibly drunk. It asks the user to solve a set of maths problems in a stipulated time. If you are able to solve it, you have proved that you are 'sobre' and your email is sent.

An issue here, however, would be the difficulty of problems and the sobreity of a person. As an Indian, I like to believe that Indians are smarter at solving Maths problems - so if you have to test how drunk an Indian is, you would have to pose more difficult questions than what you would otherwise.

This feature, ahem, is outright silly. Well ok, this will never be advertised as a critical feature of Gmail. But then, people actually give all this so much thought, eh?

Nevertheless, it is indeed amusing for an Indian student that I am. The feature is up on Google labs. Good for people who get heavily drunk and then turn on their computer to send emails...

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