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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Under the shower

Note: Random ideas

The key turned and the door opened. He slammed the door back as he hurled his bag on the couch. He walked into his bedroom - the sheets were astray. He had left them that way in the morning when he left for the place where he was an intern.

He kept the keys on the semi-circular glass side-table. He looked at the wall-long mirror. He stared at himself. He saw this stylishly dressed person in his late 20s - someone who would be an object of everyone's desire with his beautifully shaped jawline, glowing skin and amazingly sculpted torso that he could see from over the shirt. He was a confident, successful man who everyone around him admired.

He stripped down to nothing and got into the shower.

The water flowed into his shoulder-long hair and dripped through the ends like dew drops over the leaves. There were several streams of water moving down his chest and back. His hand moved between his hair as he looked at the water.

He looked into the gushing stream of water falling all over his body. His body shook each time he was under the shower. The water flowed down his body as he felt he was peeling off. The brave face that he carried everywhere would come off and an overgrown child, lonely, dejected would stand under the shower - staring at it. Waiting for his parents to call him back to the place where he had grown up, waiting to get back to them. He had been living away from them for quite some time though he wished he didnt have.

The man who stood confidently otherwise now stood with his shoulders drooping. He was bogged down by the loneliness he experienced in the city where he had grown up.. the city which had seen him with his family... the city which was seeing him staying alone in this apartment...

He walked out of the bathroom and stood before the mirror again - looking at himself. He looked to his right. The bathroom door was left ajar, the light was on. He could see the shower jeering - for the shower knew all that he was going through.

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  1. That's quite well written. But quite mysterious too. Nice read...