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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The First Plunge

Disclaimer: Not completely fictitious. Nevertheless, an original expression like all other blogposts.

"No papa, I won't be able to do it!", Mini stood still in shoulder-deep water and her father waist-deep.

"You have to try beta!! I am sure you will do it! Just try doing this..." Mini's father stretched his hands out, crouched and let himself go in the water.

"I'll drown Papa!"

"How can you drown in a pool which is only this deep...", Mini's father thrust his beefy arm inside the water and touched the floor of the swimming pool.

"All I want you to do, Mini", he continued," is to float.. let your body loose..."

"Ok, let me hold your hand and help you do that", Mini's father said as held her hands joined together.

Mini slowly leaned forward and taking a deep breath, let herself go in the water.

She flapped her hands vigorously...

"Float... don't move your arms Mini... float", but Mini could hardly hear him under water.

She kept flapping her hands, got tired and stopped. She realized that she was floating.

She now knew what was required to float over water and she floated amazingly well.

She now did the floating act several times over today...

It's the first plunge that requires courage... The capability to float is intrinsic to all of us.

It's this first plunge that makes all the difference...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Aditya,
    hope u r good. i liked what u said.
    we all have buoyancy which comes in handy during the crisis times.