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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Little Runner

Disclaimer : Not imaginary. Only the mode of description is.

It was a bright sunny morning and Nishikant was riding his bicycle. It was a rare occasion today that he was up so early and so, he was feeling rather lousy and dull.

His bicycle moved at a speed as fast as a man walking briskly but with his eyes half closed, Nishikant did not even realize that.

He became alert as he heard foot steps. He looked sideways and saw a boy nearly six years old in his shorts and a white t-shirt running.

The boy looked at Nishikant and pushed himself to run faster. When the boy saw that he was actually running as fast as Nishikant's cycle, he smiled to himself.

Nishikant noticed this... but somehow, he did not want to move faster. He moved at his own convenient slow pace and saw the boy running as fast as him.

The little runner was feeling jubilant and proud that he was keeping up with a bicycle. When the little runner moved faster than the bicycle at one point of time, he actually stretched his arms like a marathon winner.

Nishikant admired the little runner's little joy in defeating him. He continued to cycle as slow as he already was... 

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  1. Aata yaa post madhe kaay gupit aahe... aadi pls add a footnote to explain ur philosophical posts...
    somehow the "OPEN FOR READER's INTERPRETATION" does not work for ur posts... :)
    atleast for lesser mortals like me ek footnote add karat jaa at the end as ur interpretion or thought behind the post :)