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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Price for wisdom

Nothing, absolutely nothing comes in the world for free. Just that the mode in which you pay the price may differ. You pay by cheque, by card or by cash - but no shopping mall or telephone company will you give you an exemption from paying up for what you want to buy for yourself.

As an individual, more than anything else, we are working our way towards wisdom - which I believe is in fact the common cause of birth for all of us. This 'wisdom' is not really in the 'academic' sense but it is the wisdom in ways of life, in our behaviour, in our reactions and in the form of experiences.

The trials and tribulations one goes through is the price one has to pay for wisdom. There is no way you skip this payment. You may take a short cut now (cramming up an important definition when you are supposed to understand it instead. Or bribing your way out of a crisis.) God's recovery agents will recover this price somehow...  The price for wisdom will have to be paid.

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