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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sway or stay

Sway or stay... two words which differ in only one letter. This letter makes a lot of difference...

When you stay, you are calm and composed. You are in an equilibrium like a pendulum that is still under its own weight.

When you sway, you move under a force. A force that is beyond your control (Newton calls it external.).

The goal of 'sway' is to 'stay'. (A pendulum that 'sway's to and fro finally comes to a 'stay'.)

'Sway' and 'stay' define many things in the world.

'Sway' and 'stay' are two states of mind... The force that makes your mind 'sway' are the temptations, frustrations and the pressures....

'Sway' and 'stay' are two states of any decision or activity... It is only after the initial changes that the decision converges to a 'stay'.

'Sway' and 'stay' are also two phases of a relationship which one hopes moves from 'sway' to 'stay'.

'Sway' and 'stay' also define the cycles of life and death... The cycles in which the soul 'sways' towards the eternal solitude - the 'stay'.

Sway and stay have no identity without each other. They collectively define the universal process of stabilization...

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  1. arre he thought kasa aala tula..... Very nice man esp the simile of life and death..... very nice simply superb man