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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Angel plucking stars

The Angel has a thin frame - slender hands, narrow waist and thin nearly-transparent wings that look like flexible sheets of glass.

As the angel flies higher in the sky, it leaves behind a trail of white light. In fact, it is glowing so brightly that one cannot see its face in all the light.

The angel reaches out for a star and plucks it off the velvet black curtain that God had covered the earth with at night. The star sizzles for a second or two as it begins to go dimmer.

The angel gets scared and lets the star go. The star breaks into a thousand and hundred droplets of light that reach for the surface of the earth.

As they rest on the face of the earth, the earth shines. When the earth shines, the love on the earth only becomes more powerful.

I see many such angels in the sky now...

Earth is going to glitter in the sparkle of love now...

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