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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eating a chocolate brownie

Note: Just something! :)

The sizzling plate is placed before you. The chocolate melts down the ice-cream that looks as tempting as the sweat down your lover's neck. The plate is full of chocolate - chocolate cake and chocolate ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce.

You thrust your spoon into the glob of sinful ecstasy the way an astronaut plants the flag on the surface of the moon. The feeling in both the cases is quite similar - limitless joy.

You take a spoonful of the brownie and the spoon enters your lips. The mixture of the cold ice-cream and the hot vapours from the sauce fill the interiors of the mouth slightly tickling it from inside.

And with that, the chocolate begins to melt rapidly - like an ice sheet in glacier that comes down the hill. The sweet taste fills your mouth, your throat and your soul....

It's all for the right reason that this ecstasy of a thing is called a sinful delight...


  1. That is quite a delicious description! Makes me want to go back to Cafe Mocha. :)

  2. What a sensual start!! No wonder people compare chocolate to sex !

  3. yaar Pizza hut ki us delight ki yaad dila di... :P
    nice one...

  4. great analogies ..... keep it up bro.... :)

  5. nice analogies......

  6. waaah ady... good 1.. keep up the good wrk!

  7. waah ady gr8 job keep up the good wrk