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Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the Big City

Note: Some random idea

Rajani's eyes were half-shut as the setting sun at the Mumbai beach pierced through her eyes. She raised her palm to block the rays.

She heard the swooshing of the bhel as the bhelwallah mixed the ingredients together in the typical Bambaiya manner. He had two pieces of cardboard and would thrust them into the mound of puffed rice and push them out. The rice would jump and fall back like droplets of water in a fountain. He had added chutney to the plate and was making the mixture this way. All this was making a swooshing sound.

She remembered an evening back home in her village in Maharashtra. It was the same sun hitting her on the face as she sat at the seven-foot by seven-foot window in her house. She could hear the stone flour mill that her mother was working on. It sounded like a volcano rumbling to erupt. The volcano had already erupted for her.

She was the only student in her college who had been selected by a company that visited the campus. All her professors were so proud of her. It was the first time someone got selected in that company.

Her father had set his foot down - she was not going. She was crying over her broken dreams at the window listening to the flour mill churning the wheat.

"Madamji Bhel". The Bhelwallah handed her a plateful of bhel topped with sev and some pomegranate seeds.

Rajani had a drop of tear in her eye again... She was happy that her father had finally let her go.

The Sun, the rumbling sound and the tear in her eye. They were with her always...

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  1. "She was happy that her father had finally let her go."

    The pain lies here...!!!