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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Day I became Aamir of 'Ghajini'

Note: The post is in Hinglish. Very much the language I use. The post is among the very few posts on this blog that are in 'First person Singular'.

No yaar, I have not got the eight pack of Aamir Khan yet. I am so happy with my family-pack abs. There are advantages you see, they will act as a natural buoy if I am about to drown. But lemme not talk about that here. Uske liye some other post, some other day.

Then why do I say I became Aamir of 'Ghajini' (and not Aamir of 'Mangal Pandey'...lol. Aamir himself doesn't want to be Mangal Pandey again) Let me tell you how...

So, hua yunh ki one fine day, the display of my cellphone went haywire. All I see is white light - light as pure as my mind. (Half of you have either dropped your jaws or closed the window in disbelief. For the rest, thanks for reading. Please continue...)

And that means, I can only receive calls and dial number and make calls. All my reminders, phone numbers, alarms, SMS' are ...gone. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

So, today when I went out to Mulund to get my thing.. my cell repaired, I was to meet a friend. I wrote his number on a chit of paper, rolled it and kept it in my pocket. I had a meeting at 2 o' clock and I wrote that on my palm.

As I walked out of Mulund railway station, I had no clue what the time was, I wanted to call someone for help but did not know the person's number and so couldn't dial . I had to blindly dial the friend's number from the chit, press the dial button, ASSUME that the number was dialled and wait for the bell to ring on the other side.

And the worst fear.. I could have lost all the numbers! I wanted to go 'Nahii' on the road (and the camera zooms out, the filmy way!)

I roamed around the roads of Mulund to find someone who'd repair my phone (or alternatively get the contacts back.) but to no avail.

Finally, I let out a scream right on the street (the way Aamir Khan does with all the air in his lungs)...

For Aamir in the film, Ghajini's number is important.

For me, there are many such Ghajinis whose numbers I want to keep. Bachaaao...

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  1. lolzz ady.. who better thn me can know ur condition tht day!!