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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A phone call away

Disclaimer: Completely imaginary

4th December, 2006

A telephonic conversation :
"Whatever happens Sanjay, I am just a phone call away!"

"I know Ravi. Thanks."

"So, when are you and Nisha leaving?"

"We have a flight on Friday evening."

"I'll surely come to see you off at the airport.."

"Thanks Ravi..."

4th December, 2009

Having lost his job, Sanjay was undergoing depression. His teenager son looked at him with contempt now. Sanjay's wife worked for the family.

Sanjay thought of the friend who was a phone call away...
Sanjay: "Hi Ravi.."

Ravi: "Yes, who's this?"

Sanjay: "Sanjay... Sanjay Mehta....?"

Ravi: "Uh.oh... hi.. long time..."

Sanjay: "Yea.."

Sanjay: "Ravi..."

Ravi: "Tell me.. how's Neha?"

Sanjay: "Nisha.."

Ravi: "Oh ya.. so sorry man.."

Sanjay: "I wanted to tell you something yaar...I lost my .."

Ravi : "Sanjay, drop me an email na. A bit busy now.."

We all think we have friends who are a 'phone-call away'.

At times, time changes things so radically that one 'phone-call', and we realize they are 'away'...


  1. very well written.. u exactly make the point which is very much true by a simple short story.. very nice..

  2. grt.. very well written dude.. the theme is wonderful... and beleive me its so true...
    it is really so true...