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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writers of the Present

Something seemed to have got to him as he began to write. Words were flowing out, he thought. There was not once that he cut out something he had written. He was so charged up that the essay seemed to have written itself effortlessly.

The essay was never written in the writer's mind. The thoughts were slowly taking shape in his mind.

The essay took its form at the right time when the writer put in the right amount of efforts.


Destiny is unwritten. It is taking shape.

All of us together, with our efforts, are writing the destiny for all of us together.

We are all writers of the present...


  1. वा !छान !
    btw this style of your writing is very exceptional (i don't know whether it's unique probably not!)
    nevertheless, its fun to read it; and more so coz its length!! :P
    keep writing