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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Everything in the world comes for a price. From t-shirts in the display window of a mall to success at examinations. From a friend who knows you in and out to a reputation. All of these are fruits of something else. All of these are in fact, 'bonuses' bestowed upon us for good work.

But to get the 'bonus', one needs to 'Bear the Onus' - the onus, the responsibility of the work. Until we accept the work as a responsibility, we do not have a chance and the right to enjoy the bonus.

Every time you want a bonus, please know what 'Bonus' is telling you - it is in fact 'B Onus' - 'Bear the Onus'...


  1. nice article !
    i think its ur state of mind to accept the things...the way they are!!

  2. Too good!!!! :-)
    B Onus...sahich!

  3. To me the article is Bestowed On Us.... BOnUs!! Cheers