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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Equal and opposite reactions

Imagine a hot afternoon. You are travelling by a train. This smartly dressed executive with a rather rude expression on his face occupies the seat opposite you. He looks at you as if you were a lowly creature. His eyebrows aren't straight, his neck is not parallel to the ground. Just like his attitude, his neck is slightly off the ground level.

Quite naturally, you start 'throwing the attitude back' to the person. And then the two of you enter a competition of sorts - where you are trying to outdo each other with your facial expressions.

A 'khunnas' gets a 'khunnas' most of the times.


Try smiling serenely at that person instead. I guarantee that the person will get confused. He will not know what to do. The 'rude' expression will vanish.

We know that we need to give 'equal' reactions. But we forget often that we need to give an 'opposite' reaction too.

How will blood for blood, eye for eye work? Let's combat hate with love. Failure with success. Disinterest with enthusiasm... Let the reactions be equal AND opposite.


  1. That's a very nice example and a great message! Kudos!

  2. wow!!

    yeah i read it somewhere tht an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.. but forgot.. this is a nice message and i ll try to implement it :D

  3. it happens all the time...yes...
    very well said..

  4. hey Adi long time no c.... I really liked this one s I like the other ones too..... I appreciate ur thoughts man.... Just that we got to put our thoughts to action n this world will get better to eradicate hatred.... Cheers

  5. a nice article and a different one from your previous posts!!

    I got a novel thought from your article about equal and opposite....
    but... let me tell u my opinion :)

    this "equal and opposite" can be applied at individual (वैयक्तिक) level only.
    शेवटी साम दाम दंड भेद मानावच लागतं!