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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your eyes - Poem

(Completely Imaginary. And original, like all the posts on this blog.)

(And I just realized, I am not too good with poems)

Your eyes.. they sing a song for me...
On the beats of the eyelashes..

Your eyes.. they make me shiver...
As they hover over my face...

Your eyes... they open and close...
Like the sun that sets only to rise again..

Your eyes... they make me realize..
Things that 'close' are the ones that are 'close'...

Your eyes.. they ask questions..
Your eyes.. they bring me answers..
Your eyes... the open-roofed house to heaven..
Your eyes.. the holders of my dark secrets....

Your eyes are no longer a window to your soul..
..they are a window to mine..


  1. Who says you're not good with poems!!!

  2. A nice try... I appreciate the feel and ideas. At the same time, I realize an expansive scope of metaphoric improvement which may turn it to a real magic. I will suggest you yourself read it a few times, you will come to realize what all more you can do with these thoughts penned down.

  3. I think you can write poems as well as any one else. Do keep writing.

    Glasses, I believe, are needed for those eyes.... :-)

  4. The world thats seen, has its shine,
    only if seen through the light thine,
    the sun, the tree, the flowers, the bees,
    the rainbow hued drawing colors from thee.
    A gaze, a thought takes the time at its very start,
    in you see I the light for the eyes of my heart.

  5. heyy dude

    Simple but touching poem. Keep it up yaar

  6. hey Aditya is this the first poem of urs?? I am amazed man.... I can say your thoughts.... ask me questions , your thoughts... bring me answers!! Cheers!!