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Friday, March 06, 2009

Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar - Funny

Disclaimer: The incident described here is as real as the mountains and the clouds. Slightly exaggerated in terms of the description.

Location: An IIT-B Hostel Room

"Hey Kaala Kaala Kaala Bandar.. Kya hai yeh Sikandar...", I swayed to and fro on this bright sunny morning as this song played on my laptop.

I often do this. I create a playlist in the media player software and then go all about the place completely unattentive to the songs playing. But today for a change, I was listening to the song and ... dancing ( though I completely redefine the word) to it.

As I went round and round in circles, I realized that the window had opened.

I don't remember if my jaws dropped first or my hair stood on their ends first. All I remember seeing is a monkey on the table near the open window!

I screamed - harder than what Sunny Deol does in Gadar. But that thing with the tail just wouldn't move. It had pulled out an apple from the bowl kept on the table.

When I screamed, a second monkey jumped in from the window. I freaked out!!!

For nearly thirty to fourty seconds, all I remembering doing was screaming and trying to shoo them off with my bedsheet.

They just wouldn't move. Later, I started going closer to them and moving the bedsheet the way Shilpa Shetty moves her ghaaghra.

That seemed to have put them off - and they fled. I closed the window. Tightly.


I came back to my laptop.

A cold fear gripped me again as I saw the media player window.

The next song in my playlist was "Main teri dushman, dushman tu meraa... Main naagin tu saperaa....".

Needless to say, for the next ten minutes, I was peeping in every nook and corner of the room and trying to find if I could hear a hissing sound from somewhere.


  1. hahahahhahahah.............

  2. Rofl!!!

    i mean ths real funny.. playing a number cud make the lyrics live.. imagine beedi jaliyele jigar se piya :D

  3. Lolz.. That's a funny incident, indeed! You studying in IIT, btw? That's nice :)

    I am subscribed to you!