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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Disclaimer: Imaginary. I do not know if the website I mentioned in the post exists. If it does, it is purely a coincidence.

Roshan and Siddharth were room-mates for over two years. These days the two would often get into a verbal spat with one another. Roshan was frustrated with the daily arguments. He had decided to move out...

But how would Siddharth feel? Because despite the arguments, he did care for Siddharth atleast with respect to how he would feel.

Roshan came across this website www.find-a-flat-mate.com. He created a new email id looking4aflatmate@find-a-flat-mate.com and put up an ad for himself there.

His specifications were such that it would be difficult for him to find an offer, he knew. What he did not know that it would really take him so long to get a response from someone on the website.

One day he did. He was kind of happy. That night during dinner, he somehow could not look at Siddharth in the eye. Siddharth had cooked dinner for the two of them. Roshan felt like a ... back-stabber.

Meanwhile, he now had two responses on the website. One of them had newly purchased a flat, the other one was staying in an apartment on rent and was looking for someone to share the rent and the expenses. He had been exchanging emails with them daily.

Roshan nearly dropped his plan when Siddharth arranged a small birthday party for Roshan and even invited some of Roshan's friends over.

But now the responses looked too good to be true - he had seen the photographs of the flats. The location and the rent, it was a deal he could not miss. He decided to meet one of the respondents.

They were to meet at a cafe. Roshan decided to go directly from office. As he walked into the cafe, he remembered an email this person had sent him. This person said that he had kind of secretly purchased this new flat and wanted to move in as soon as possible due to some personal reasons.

At the cafe, Roshan pushed the door open. He looked around - the cafe was full of couples all over each other. He looked into the corner. He saw the person sitting there. He started walking faster.

It was Siddharth.


The two moved out of the flat they were staying in in the next two weeks itself. They did not even say good bye to each other...


  1. beautiful..

    i dunno, but i almost guessed dit shud be siddharth..

    and the climax was nice, i thot they ll b living together :D

  2. I m confused :))

    good job :)