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Friday, March 27, 2009

'Straight' and "Aaloo chat' - Movie Reviews

Have never been so charged up to write a movie review after I got out of a theatre. 'Straight' rocks!!! It is hilariously funny!!!! Vinay Pathak, Ketki Dave, Sid (The man who plays Vinay's cousin), Gul Panag - they are all so good!!

The movie has a very Indian-fiction-novel-based graph. It starts off with a part of the climax immediately with a part of the pre-interval portion and then back and forth through the past - to finally reach the climax.

The best part of it is that the movie is very sensitive towards the issue it is dealing with. It's a first and the movie has what 'Dostana' lacked COMPLETELY - sensitivity.

The movie has some HILARIOUS jokes - trust me, I laughed to my heart's content after long!!! At the same time, it is not laughing at anyone's expense. It left me with more respect towards others and towards the differences that exist between people in the world and in the things that people want... It left me with a thought 'I refuse to live without love!'

APPLAUSE to the makers!!!! A MUSSTTT-WATCH!!!


'Aaloo Chaat' is funny in parts! The story is predictable ... but the overall feeling that 'Aaloo chat' leaves you with is a pleasant soft journey. Aamna Sharif is good. Some dialogues are really offensive.


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