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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does AdSense Add Sense?

It was a 'to-be-or-not-to-be' question for me when I was first suggested to add AdSense on my blog. There was this sudden gush of moral awakening - I told myself I was wrong!! My blogging is my passion and not my profession!!

I nearly screamed "Nahiii" and I know I looked like a Bollywood Maa with my hands on my ears and my head shaking both ways!!

AdSense, by the way, places ads on your website - more possibly relevant to the content of a webpage (blogpost in the case of a blog.) So, basically the ads provide a 'See More' link to the possibly interested readers. And then there is some payment.

Now, I look at AdSense as a way to add sense, add value to my blog. It will encourage me improve the quality of my blogposts.

So here I am with some more Sense... with some AdSense!!

I so want to compare this to a wedding procession where an old granny, touched to see her grandson dancing pulls out a note and moves it over the grandson's head in circles...:-)


  1. From my experience I will say if you are getting 150 or more unique visitors on the blog per day then only you can hope you get some earnings...

  2. dude, adsense really adds sense. coz it will be a good idea if u get return on the pain tht u hav put in thinking something good and ofcourse it will b a good source of funding to weave ur hair tht u hav lost due to thinking so mch.

    So a thumbs up fr adding sense to ur blog.