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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fools of the World Unite!

Disclaimer: In humour only. I am taking digs at a lot of people

(I know this should've come yesterday on the April Fools' Day. But somehow, the idea didn't strike me yesterday. Kya karein, fool hai na!!)

Aaditya climbs the podium and looks at a sea of crowd that goes into an uproar. There are camera flashes. "They are enough to light up the terrace of our Preeti building on a New Years' eve", a little girl tugged at her mom's sari and said.

Aaditya eyes the crowd left to right and to left again.

"Fools!", he shouts.

The crowd jumps in excitement.

"Why does the world look at us with contempt when it calls us the fools? Why are we the fools? We should be proud to be fools..."

The crowd cheers.

"And what do we get in return? One day in the middle of the year called the April Fools' Day. "

"They pull pranks on us on that day! But what the heck! Do they realize that the same day is the beginning of a New Financial Year - when all the records of the year gone by are backed up and the balance sheet comes out clean!! Isn't THAT the biggest April Fools' prank ever?!"

The crowd went berserk. One person pulled his tshirt out and moved it round in circles.

"It's time to unite. We cannot continue to stay in the closet! We cannot stay separate in different places - different institutions, different communities, different groups! Why do we stay in different political parties when we can come together and form a party of our own? Why do we stay in different companies when all of us can pool in our talent to set up a company of our own? We have to unite!!"

"Fools of the World, Unite!!!!"

The crowds kept cheering even after Aaditya had got down the stage and walked away.

Aaditya thought to himself, "How many are going to be left in the other parties, companies and institutes if all of them join me? Am I going to have competition anyways?" He smiled.

Maybe he shouldn't have said what he said at the sabha. But which political leader thinks before addressing a public meeting anyways, he thought.

He smiled as the crowd cheered in support.

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  1. \m/... temme ur party name and election symbol dude.. the recession period backed up wid financial crisis and crores spending on election with sports migrated from country.. CLEAN SHEETS.. great work man..