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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boo Boo Munnabhai

Disclaimer: My first political blog. But very straight from the heart. I do not make any statement specifying who to vote for and who not to vote for. The blog is only my reaction to certain newspaper / news channel reports

Actors are so different in real life than in their reel life. Sanjay Dutt has just proven that.

At a Sabha recently (he is campaigning for a particular party), Sanjay Dutt says, " I was beaten up in the jail because my mother was Muslim!"

I think this is the most hedious statement I've heard in my life!! When will politicians stop spreading hatred? The statement coming from an actor who plays the good Munnabhai only surprises me.

The party that Sanjay Dutt is campaigning for also has some interesting points in its manifesto. One of them touched me completely. The party says it will be putting a BAN on computers in INDIA because they believe in the power of manual labour and want to generate employment.

What kind of a regressive thinking is this? Do we expect India to continue to be the land of the poor and the wretched? Ofcourse, computers are not the only way to achieve an improvement in the economy, but banning computers is utterly Taliban-esque!!!

Boo boo Munnabhai!! A WRONG WRONG MOVE BY YOU (in the speech) and BY YOUR PARTY (in the manifesto!!)!

Read full DNA report at : http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1247636


  1. you have so correctly capured the feelings of all people who do think well of humankind in general and any country (india) in particular.

    more shocking was the fact that Sanjay supported the manifesto ... its sad for sure

  2. Happy to see your first political blog. Sad to say that a misplaced celebrity had to give a stupid + irresponsible statement to get a writer like you to talk on this. Anyway. Nice.

    His statement is definitely the most ridiculous. Not rare, though. Reminded me of Azharuddin's : "I am being targeted (w.r.t. match-fixing case) because I am a muslim". Interestingly Azharuddin is also trying luck with politics this time - he is the Congress candidate from Moradabad, AP.

    Another thing I want to ask you is, why do we try to be 'politically correct' (don't really know what that means) in our writings ?
    I mean, why is Munna-bhai campaigning for a particular party? Why not Samajwadi Party ?
    Why do clashes take place between two communities ?
    "A procession taken out by a particular community was attacked by another community when it approached their place of worship" - I never understood what is achieved by telling such an abstract news !!

    Anyway. Congratulations for bringing up a very important issue to notice of your readers. Hoping to see more of such write-ups.

  3. chaan!!
    shevatee ekada mahattvacha lihila joshanni!!
    ajun liha
    apalai "political" mate vachayala avadateel!!

  4. Nice one yaar

    Accha munna bhai ka waat lagaaya :))

    keep it up