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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Kids crossing the road

Disclaimer: A creative and imaginary description of something I saw the other day

It was a long road in Powai where five to six year-old kids fifteen in number were walking along the footpath with their hands held. The sun was stronger than ever that afternoon as two female teachers and one male assistant guided the kids from the garden where they had been for their physical training classes.

The kids walked carefully on the footpath as the teachers guided them.

"Chalo kids! Time to cross the road!", the teacher declared.

There was a visible scare on the faces of the toddlers.

The teacher took them to a zebra crossing. As they waited for the signal to go red, the kids were all scared for the new adventure in life that they were about to do - cross the road all by themselves.

The signal went red, the cars stopped.

"Chalo kids! No talking! Walk fast!!"

I saw the excitement, fear, anxiety and joy on the faces of the kids as they looked around and walked with their hands tightly held. All of them were scared - but their only comfort was the person's hand they were holding.

Probably, this was the first time the kids were realizing what friendship meant - a sense of security that grows without the need of having the same blood running through your veins.

The kids walked swiftly as they crossed the road. As they reached the other side of the road, the kids looked jubilant. They had these wide smiles on their faces and looked all happy. They continued to hold their friends' hands. I could see the joy of a never-before thrill in their eyes...


The kids were, in their mind, happy and were celebrating their success - the first time they crossed the road ever without their parents around.

Why do we adults then always look at negative side of things and fail to celebrate our much bigger successes? Why do we want to be sad when only small reasons like these are enough to be happy?

One of the boys in the group was nearly jumping in joy. I am sure the first thing he'd do after getting back home is to tell his mom that he crossed the road all by himself today.

Just the zeal in him made me want to be a child again...

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  1. hahahahahahahaah

    nice one :), u have described entire situation very nicely. It reminds me a same situation.

    Kids really enjoy all the things they do, thats what is innocence. Sometimes people tell "what so gr8 in it to laugh" but it is always not necessary to have gr8 things around to laugh, to enjoy.