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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vote De India

When we buy a new fridge, we go to different shops, check different sources to decide what we want to buy. Of course, we are the well-aware, educated Indians.

We call our friend and say, "Dude!! We must check out the new movie first day first show alright!" Of course, we are the luckily less underprivileged Indians.

We voted for the Indian Idol over and over again. Of course, we are the passionate Indians.

Why don't we vote as the well-aware, educated, less underprivileged and passionate Indians? Or if we do, why do we randomly put our vote?

Vote De India...


No political party in India or for that matter, in the world is perfect. Political parties in India have ALWAYS used the 'Divide and rule' policy - some political parties call themselves secular and go on a reservation rampage to pull in votes while some of them are upfront about their religious / regional biases and divide people from others.

Today voting in an election, one must accept, is about choosing lesser of the evils.

Not voting at all is the biggest evil of them all.

Vote De India...

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