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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tanmay's reflection on the metallic doors of the elevator split into two as the doors opened. He stepped inside the elevator and turned around. He pressed the button to the third floor. The button turned red.

Tanmay felt heavier as the elevator moved upwards.

The lift came to a halt with a minor jolt. As Tanmay looked into his reflection on the door, the door again went open in two halves. Tanmay walked out.

* * * * * *

You have to stop looking at yourself when you decide you want to go up in life. That is when Tanmay's image splits into two due to the opening of the doors.

When you are moving upwards in life (like Tanmay in the elevator), you ought to feel heavy. Rising upwards in life, too, is certainly difficult.

A minor jolt is an indicative of the fact that you have come to your destination.

It is now that your image will no longer be cast on the inner part of the door. The image will again break into two when the doors open. Not the image but the person itself is what the world outside will now notice... Since the doors have opened..

We often groom images for ourselves when we set off on a journey. It is later that the images come off and the elevator shows the world the real you...

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  1. Aadi u nicely rendered the whole event and ur imagination. I appreciate it.