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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Through the torn hood

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Note: Work of fiction. Original, of course.

Yet another denial. As she walked out of the business complex, Sarita realized that this was her fourth interview that week - and the fourth rejection.

The sun was shining bright in the sky. She boarded an autorickshaw.

The autorickshawwallah (the autorickshaw driver) looked at her through the mirror. She was sweating and her face was pale.

She opened her purse, took a bottle out and gulped down some water.

She rested her neck on the edge of the seat and let out a heavy sigh. Her eyelids became narrow as a sharp ray of sun entered them.

She looked upwards, the hood of autorickshaw was torn.

Through the torn hood, she saw light. She saw the blue sky and the beautiful clouds.

As the autorickshaw moved, she saw the clouds moving... They looked like beautiful fishes wading through the deep blue sea... The sky and the sea are both so similar and so beautiful, she thought.

Her eyes smiled... She felt happy.

The only happy person in the world is the one who has tries to see the blue sky and the beautiful clouds through the torn hood.


  1. You mix fiction with philosophy very well... that way your philosophical ideas do not become boring...
    ardent fan of ur writing...
    now i accept all ur school day essay achievements...

  2. Very nice. Perhaps we could get an opening to look through and merge into the infinity, its depth. She was fortunate to look upward.