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Sunday, April 05, 2009


We are all different. The differences may start with the God we believe in, the socio-economic background we come from and go upto the choices and the preferences that we decide to make in life.

Why is then so much hatred and hostility towards a person just because he does not practice your religion? Or does not come from your community/region? Or does not like things that you like? Why the glaring eyes at the squint-eyed person just because he doesn't look like the more common people around? Why the animosity towards a student just because he seems to be showing no progress in his studies?

Why do we love equations and balance-sheets so much that we forget the Entity that is greater than all of us and that cannot be equated to anything else?

We all are so obsessed with equality that we cannot respect the differences between us.


  1. That's an impressive post. Yeah, everyone in the world is different. We don't realize the importance of the differece. Just imagine if every person in the world is identical in every aspect then what would happen!!!

  2. lol...look whoz talking.....

  3. hey good post yaar

    Kya hua kisi ne kuch bol diya kya :))


  4. its difference that makes us realize the similarities...though the negative connotations are best avoided!!!

  5. Very nice... as we talk so much about unity in diversity and really the obsession of equality has gripped our mind so much but why we behave so mediocre while treating our own.... While I was reading your blog I just thought that we blame other countries for racist attack but what about the incidents happened with people from UP in Maharashtra....?? Well it seems just not the charity but also the nuisance begins at home... Only I can suggest is learn to forgive and respect rather than rebuke and dominate :)