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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mantriji & the chappal

Disclaimer: The characters are imaginary, mere caricatures.

"No no no!! This is just not done!!", Mantriji was very upset as he spoke to his PA after the press conference,

"How could someone throw a chappal at me during the press conference?

Remember Mr. X? Somebody threw a chappal at him last week. But he has never been the cabinet minister. Highest he has gone is the Handloom and household industry ministry for his state. And me! I have been a cabinet minister twice! I am a management graduate from the UK!

You should've arranged for atleast a Nike shoe! Or look at the Goa episode! Somebody hurled a biryani packet at the neta giving a speech there!! Couldn't you be creative and get something like that done? Maybe a pizza parcel for me?

am very very very upset with you PA saab", Mantriji just wouldn't stop, "This was like a one-time opportunity! And you wasted it with an ordinary chappal!"

When Aamir Khan did it, everyone shaved their heads.

When George Bush got the shoe, (whether he deserves it or not, is a different issue. In fact, the meaning of 'deserving it' is very relative - did he deserve the shoe or did he deserve the attention he got after the shoe) it's this sudden wave during the Indian elections. Food packets and campaign by filmstars are passe. The shoe has arrived!!

And by the time I finish the blogpost, one shoe has landed on some or the other neta in the country!

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