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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cyber crime

Internet is a revolution. Every revolution brings a revelation - a revelation of the opportunities that open up to you.

Cyber crime is one such door that has opened due to the internet. Just that this door leads you to a room with no floor.

I just happened to read today that a 16 year old Ahmedabad boy was convicted for sending hoax emails threatening a bomb blast pretending to be from the underworld. The boy admitted to the prank.

There are many such incidents in which the accused have intentionally or more often, unintentionally committed crime on the internet...

'Some' political parties, after reading this, may want to go on a rampage breaking down all cyber cafes as they are 'responsible' for all the 'dirty new generation'. In fact, it happened a few days ago in a city in Maharashtra.

The root of the problem is that we do not want to go to the root of the problem. The political initiative limits itself to get into the public eye either by making remarks or by breaking things down.

The issue can only be addressed by awareness. Awareness of what is legal and more importantly, what is illegal on the internet. An authority resource to know about the cyber-laws in India is:


Let's not break the cyber cafes down, oh political parties! Let's educate the people about the laws in the new domain!


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  3. i read the sanjay datt article first. This is also equally good; perhaps better!!
    and this is not your usual style. BUT THIS IS A BETTER CHANGE.