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Friday, July 11, 2008


As I look out of the window, I see the dark starless sky and thousands of spots on the terrain before me.

Far away to my right, there is a hillock covered with yellow dots - lights of lanterns that burn on kerosene. There are bulbs too over some o f the huts.

At its feet are tall buildings and I see bright neon signs and long tube-lights arranged in rows. More in number than required.

To my left, I see a line of bright yellow spots - moving slowly in a straight line - almost like a streak of diamonds being pulled in a direction.

And I see dots of lights of different colours.

There are huts with the lanterns, skyscrapers with tubelights, bulbs dotting the shops and markets and headlights of cars moving on the highway.

I see survival in poverty in the lights of the lanterns. I see flamboyance in the array of tubelights and the neon signs.

The way I see the cityscape is in the form of patterns of these dots - each dot an entity, a person, a set of dreams and ambitions.

1 comment:

  1. the light glows, it burns and shines and thus it emits light aspirations to all those who stand around its influence.
    the urban setup owes light as it provides back speed and livelihood.
    urbania and illumination go hand in hand..
    wish it was to our politicians from the hinterlands now leaving in palatial suites had ne regards to ensure that vital relationaship..