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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Old Glass Window

I see a glass window.

I see specks of old paint on it - paint that dripped out of an unskilled brush.

I see a line of light - the tubelight.

I wonder where the tubelight is. I wonder whether the light I see is from a tubelight on the other side of the window - or a reflection of the one behind me.

The Old Glass Window that shines before me puts a question about its cause in my mind....

The mind is like the old glass window.

With lot of stray specks.

Still in its true transparent form.

What I perceive a situation as, I am unsure of what it is showing me.

A reflection of the past. Or the vision of the future?

Do I think in a certain way because I experienced something in the past?

Or is it because somewhere in the inner self I know what future awaits me?


  1. hey writing in your blog after a long time!!! [:D]

    hmmm often at times even i used to feel like that ... maybe the water in our glasses are beginning to fill ;)

  2. hey even the same thing interrogates with my conscious..... Do you have the answer.... I wud say its a blend..... :-)