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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

She was a fairy

She was a fairy. When she moved around, she flapped her huge kidney-shaped wings that had silver edges and atleast a million dots all of different colours. As she flew around, the edges left a sparkling silver trail that looked like thousand tiny stars breaking into pieces.

She wore a pink gown right upto her toes. Her hair was blonde and she had rosy cheeks. She carried the diamond shaped wand that glowed like a star. With one stroke of the wand, she could transform an ugly damsel into a gorgeous-looking princess. She could convert rains into droplets of sparkling gold.

She was a fairy. She could do it all.

But the point is that she 'could' and not that she 'did'. She only roamed around aimlessly in the forests looking for the man of her love. She never utilized the power of magic that she had.

Many of us possess abilities that we aren't aware of.

There are less prodigies in India - not because of lack of talent. But because of lack of awareness of this talent.

We have fairies all around us. Who've dropped their magic wands.

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