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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comfort Zone

I can imagine a chick hatching out of its egg. The egg that provided all the nutrition it needed - the egg where it grew.

The egg will hatch - the chick will be exposed to the air for the first time in its life. Maybe its initial attempts will be thwarted by the sudden changes in the temperature. But if it gives up, it will rot in the sticky liquid that fills the egg.

The chick has to come out - has to face the world.

But all this is achieved only when the chick breaks the egg from inside with a briefly grown tooth.

The process of coming out of the comfort zone has to be initiated by the chick itself.

Things are somewhat same for a person who stays with his family all his life and begins to live all by himself. It is his determination and will-power that has to be pushing him out of his comfort zone.


  1. It reminds me,my diary page dated
    Almost 38 years have passed....
    Where is my comfort zone?
    Let me explore...

  2. Those are the lucky people who realize that they have actually found their comfort zone...

    But is it really possible to find it....what one calls....."My own Space...My own World....My own Comfort Zone"....??? May be not...

    But there is no harm in at-least giving it a try....!!! :)

  3. maybe that is what i would call the pursuit of happiness! :)

  4. Dude what a great explanation! New horizons are visible; new challenges await us when we leave our comfort zone. Neither is there any progress without coming out of our comfort zone.