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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Lush Garden

Disclaimer: Work of fiction

Ten-year old Krishna loved his grandfather's mansion. More than that, he loved the lush gardens surrounding it.
The garden was lined with tall Ashoka trees that were typical to that area and had long pointed leaves. On one side was a row of flowers of exquisite varieties and a multitude of colours. On the other side was a well-maintained lawn where Krishna remembered playing around as a child.

In the centre of this garden was a fountain shaped like four beautiful ladies pouring water out of the jugs in their hands. Many birds would descend to this fountain to drink water. Krishna's grandfather, while he was alive, had also kept a basket of food for the birds.

Krishna had fond memories of this house and the garden - they were a part of his childhood, a part he could never forget.

"Krishna, we are selling the mansion. It is going to fetch us a huge sum", his father told a now-twenty Krishna.

From that day, Krishna remembered and saw the garden every single day.

The riches of the garden were no more in the physical world - they were transferred as aspirations for monetary benefits in the eyes of Krishna's father. The garden, Krishna thought, was a medium of getting rich. The garden was trapped in his father's eyes and he could see it there.

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