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Friday, July 11, 2008

Shit happens

No, no, no, though I am an ardent lover of toilet humour, I wouldn't have it here on my blog for it may gross out many of the 'cultured, decent' readers. 'Shit' here stands for the adverse problematic situations. Situations that embarrass you, scare you, confuse you or get you into trouble. And sometimes, shit happens to most of us when we expect it least.

The last day of submitting an assignment and the trains go down. (Trains in Mumbai run on sunlight - Jaadoo apropos koi mil gaya types. As soon as clouds gather, the sunlight is blocked. The trains stop!)

A confident Amit enters the interview room - he is the next GS (General Secretary... the person who officially gets to flirt with juniors) everyone says. There, he blabbers shit about how he does not want any other post but the GS' and pisses the Principal off. The dark horse Rajapriya becomes the GS.

Mayank is thinking about his breakup with his girlfriend. And the filmy hero that he is, he moves his fingers through his hair. Only to realize that the fingers are connected to the hand that held the rod of the local train. He falls off the train and gets a fractured leg for several months.

Himanshu remains carefree until he's given a warning about low attendance (in lectures). It's then that he goes around to the teachers' cabins with a smile that stretches across his cheeks.

Shit happens. When me, Priyanka and Himanshu wade through ankle-deep water to the theatre to buy tickets for the first show of a movie. Only to realize three hours fourty minutes later how creatively magnificient 'Kabhi alvida na kehna' is. (I remember the expressions on our faces. Priyanka gave me the Bandit Queen look and asked me for a refund - it was my idea to watch the movie.)

Some of us stand below the source of shit - and get into deep shit ourselves. Some of us get so accustomed to feeling shitty that it doesn't make a difference to us at all. (I had a friend Mihir who came late to the class almost every day. He would smile when a teacher scolded him). Most of us make faces and try to bear with it.

Whatever one says, one cannot avoid shit. (three times a day. sorry.) Situations like these ought to happen - what makes all the difference is the way you approach shitty situations.

I can't believe I wrote this post! Shit!!


  1. hehe... that was pretty hilarious.Nice ...entertaining.

  2. EHehaha...I feel Shitty after reading....ehahha..;)

  3. hehe.....but I won't say....

    Shit!! I read it....!!! :P