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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Heir SERIES # 01

Disclaimer: Work of fiction.

The magnificient fort stood atop the hill like an elephant in all its glory. The flag over the Mandal empire fluttered as it witnessed the prosperity of the fort and the kingdom the king had built. The flag was over the king's palace, the epicenter of all the happiness in the Mandal empire. The flag had an elephant with its two feet in the air and the trunk raised as if it were ready to conquer.

The king's palace had beautiful arches with the motif of elephants. Elephants carrying garlands, elephant bathing, elephants holding swords in their trunks. The throne was shaped like an elephant studded with jewels and stones.

Raja Shishupala was named after the character in Mahabharata. The trident-shaped tilak on the forehead, the silver beard, the face glowed with positivity and valour. The king had successfully kept away all attacks on the kingdom and the empire had flourished like never before.

Raja Shishupala sat on the throne and glanced over his ministers seated along the long hall. The center of the hall had beautifully colour There were some citizens of the kingdom in the durbaar today - some potters who had come to ask for justice.

Rani Triveni stood in her gallery as she watched the proceedings of the durbaar. Two of her daasis stood besides her, their faces covered by their saris till the chin. Rani Triveni stood like a confident queen that she was with her fingers clutched. She wore an elegant crown and had draped an orange sari. The sari had mirrors and mango-shaped designs in small beads over it. She had a pleasant smile on her face as she saw the king taking apt decisions about the matters of the kingdom.

The durbaar was adjourned for the day. The king got up, a fleet of royal servants ushered in to help him.

The king and his fleet of guards rode on their horses to the Devi temple at the foot of the hill. They stopped. They entered the courtyard of the temple. Their eyes froze...

The royal priest lay in a pool of blood. His orange robes were drenched red now. His eyes had horror in them as he called out "Raja Sahab!".

"Who killed you, Panditji?" Yojendra, the king's closest bodyguard asked.

Panditji's hands trembled as he handed a piece of torn papyrus roll. It was a part of the larger sketch, it seemed.

And so it was.

The picture was of an elephant with its two feet in the air and the trunk raised. It was a part of the picture of the flag that was hoisted over the fort. And the picture was torn.

Someone was set to conquer the elephant...


  1. read your posts randomly. interesting stuff dude. got to know of you through aham's post who got to know of me through shobhaa de's blog. drop in at sanjuayyar.blogspot.com and read a few posts if you have the time. and yes, you write quite frequently.

  2. i wonder how you still get time to write all sukanya stories inspite being in IIT B !!! lolz