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Monday, July 14, 2008

Warli paintings

Warli tribals in Maharashtra have long painted their life in the form of paintings in white over a darker background - often brown or red.

Warli paintings use a simplified form of representations for human and animal figures - similar to stick figures. There are generic symbols for trees and houses as well. What makes these Warli paintings out of the world is the fact that they create a whole new world with these symbols.

The human figures arrange themselves into chains and spirals - to represent the festive celebrations in the Warli settlements. There are women and children who play with the animals, climb the trees and play around with the domesticated animals. There are huts and complex huts. All these together give one a panoramic view of their lives.

Warli paintings are a script of its own - a rather limited script. It restricts itself to the world of these people.

Warli paintings are the most simplistic forms of paintings - no 'interpretations', no 'hidden messages'. They are a reflection of lives of these extremely common men.

Warli paintings, to me, are the living example of the maxim - 'Art is to express and not impress.'

1 comment:

  1. The colours are made of leaves,fruits,bark,root etc,
    Brushes,backround...originate from "nature'!
    Warlies are innocent!
    We the people exploit,courrpt them,
    their art.They are not bothered at all!