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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Footprints on the sand

Disclaimer: Piece of fiction

She held her father by his hand as she dragged him along the beach. He was trying to keep up - but she was too excited to realize he was finding it difficult to run at her speed.

She was wearing a pink frock that covered her knees that she had just hurt. They were badly wounded when she slipped and fell on the rocks. She was pointing out to a lighthouse far away with her hands that were covered with wet sand. She could not get her eyes off the lighthouse and was limping on her way there. The father only stared at his daughter's face, amazed at the pure excitement and innocence in her eyes and the gush of enthusiasm that she was experiencing.

As they ran along the stretch of the beach, the warm water of the waves touched their feet and moved back. And their feet would sink in the sand slightly.

The sky saw, as the sun set, a eight year-old girl with excitement filled in her heart, taking her father to a lighthouse on the rocks beside a beach.

The sky dimmed slowly as the two left back footprints on the sand. That was because the sky knew that the very next day, some waves would wash them off...

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