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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Imagine a hen [perhaps, a young one] in a poultry farm. Let's call her the 'sweet hen'. She has lived with her Mother Hen in one of the cages. Like all the mothers of the world, Mother Hen has been very protective of her.

One morning she wakes up to find her Mother Hen lying motionless in the cage surrounded by a group of other hens. The sweet hen gets scared - and flaps her wings against the cage. The owner of the farm comes in - opens the door and takes the Mother Hen out.

The sweet hen is devastated. She knows that she has lost her mother. She is weeping in a corner of the cage.

Some hours later, all the hen are dragged by their feet out of the cage - and thrown in a deep, dark pit one by one. The sweet hen has been mourning the death of her mother - now she has to lay silent waiting for death to come.

Death does come - they slowly begin to fill up the pit with soil.

Bird flu, as in this case, scares the humans - and then they show how inhuman they can get.

Where does humanity disappear when the human realises that the existence is in danger?

And that's when the fowl cries foul.

1 comment:

  1. soul -wrenching article, but more than non-existence its the pain n suffocation that's terrifyng, hmm?