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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who is 'Aaditya'? Who is 'me'?

Something about myself,
I am Aaditya Joshi. Stand as tall as many others in my engineering college. Do everything that any normal 20 year old person would do. Eat everything a person from Mumbai would.

In simpler words, I am like many others, in many ways. But, perhaps, different too. I proudly bear the name that means the Sun; I am equally proud of the surname - of a family who call me their rising son. All of us are playing two roles - what we are to the world and what we are to our family. The latter is often what we are in person.

This blog is to have a talk with myself - more than anything else. Because often, we need that to get in tune with our thoughts.

As I like to put it, "Aaditya and me" is when the person talks to the reflection - when the Aaditya in me talks to the Aaditya that people see.

Confused? Never mind. This is my first attempt at blogging. Let's find out how it goes.


  1. Best Wishes for your SELF realization process :)

  2. Liked the way u laid ur thoughts.. :)