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Thursday, December 06, 2007

How I got placed...

Until that day, I was an engineering student in his pre-final year - with marks fairly above
average. But there is this rather confused stage when the knowledge in the books needs to be
translated to something concrete. Such is our education system that a student will be able to
give us the 'definition' of something - but not be able to tell us what is it about.
And I don't say my condition was any different. While I was celebrating a rather low-key birthday [aah Aditya, you are 20 now. you don't need birthday parties], the very next day was going to be the TCS Aptitude test day.

I still remember the date - 22nd June, 07. I reached college early that morning. We were going to have a preplacement talk in the college auditorium. I saw with amazement the 'promotional video' for TCS. I remember my friend Janardan telling me, "Hey, chal chal let's join" after the video ended with the line "JOIN NOW". He's a funny guy.

The TCS aptitude test was 'online' - they had a centralized server which alloted questions
randomly. I scraped through the three sections - though I was absolutely bowled over by the
Verbal aptitude section. While I wondered who used those words anyways, I knew I was not the only one who got jacked.

The test was supposed to give an automatic result - after you click "SUBMIT", the test would tell you if you'd cleared. This is where the bravest of men would falter, I am sure. Somehow I could not bring myself to pressing that button. It was almost like the 'Danger sign'. I waited silently as the time ran out. And I got a message that I had cleared the test.

We were then handed out forms for the interviews which were scheduled the next day. The next day was probably the longest day ever. A long wait of almost two hours had me appearing for my technical interview. I managed to get through. The HR interview was rather horrible - the two interviewers literally pinned me down. With comments like I did not know anything at all, I felt rather terrible. Not expecting a positive outcome, I was surprised and happy when my name was included in the final list.

But when my name was announced, I know I was waiting to hear another name - Siddharth. A dear friend who very well deserved to make it there. But he didn't get through. This was slightly depressing and I know how I scorned about it before Mihir [another friend].

Long long day, I came back home tired. But I was a new person now. Th feeling took time to sink in - and things changed. It gave me a lot of confidence and security. You know it feels good when you are not just "Aditya Joshi TE Comps 'A' ", but "Aditya Joshi TE Comps 'A' placed in TCS". This sounds very much like satisfying one's ego, but that's how it is.

... This is how I got placed in TCS. Something that made a big difference - for I was happy for an year. Getting placed is perhaps a big day for every engineering student.


  1. Hey Aadi...

    an absloute delight to read ur experience of being placed in one of India's leading IT firms....!!!

    Besides....ur narration jst reminded me of our school days when u used to write some really good essays and articles....!!!

    Keep this habit of writing going...since it is one of ur other skills in which u r a master...besides being a good s/w engineeer.....

    Wish you all the best for ur future pursuits....!!

    have a wonderful working experience at TCS.....!!!

    cheers...!!! :):):)

  2. Hey Aadi , that was a very good thing you wrote. i liked both the content and the way it is written. Meri bhi TCS recruitement ki yaade taaza ho gayi. Really that was a ........ day (too many words to add in the blank starting from wonderful) and will remain with me in my memories forever.

    hey, aise hi meine tuje ENT specialist ki degree nahi di....

  3. aaditya ur really really da most creative n marvellous writer i hav eva met..
    beautiful article on placements lovely,mindblowing,fantabulous !!!

    u know wat u can start writing coloumns for famous papers side by side...

    n m really happy dat u got placed in TCS now i will say dat
    "TCS will go places"...coz of employees lik u! All da best for ur future !
    Regards & luv,
    Akanksha !

  4. hehe good stuff aadi...im sure it must've been quite a ride...