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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Gone are the days of 'Meri awaaz suno' - 'Sa re ga ma pa' and 'Indian Idol' are here to stay.

When Sunidhi Chauhan won 'Meri awaaz suno', she hugged Lata Mangeshkar and wept. That was when everyone in my family, right from the leaking tap to my running nose, from Mom to uncle, wept.

Today, every participant in every single 'reality' talent hunt show has a 'story' associated with him or her. Someone is a painter who's left his small-time job, someone's grandmother always dreamt of seeing her grandchild become a singer. And every single comment from the judges gets these participants into tears - and the camera zooms in on their faces. Three times.

And still I yawn and change the channel.

Has the audience gone stone-hearted?
or is it just the overdose of 'masala'tic reality shows?

1 comment:

  1. The reality shows are fixed, mostly the marketing strategies of mobile companies, making JANATA emotional fools, its YAWN but also very much pain giving as how we are making FOOL of ourself