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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Union

She hears the tune on the mandolin. She remembers the tune so vividly. She gets up from her bed. Looks out of the window. A long stretch of mustard fields awaits her.

She runs towards the sound. Her white gown is flowing like a clear river over the yellow field. Her black locks are swaying in the breeze. Her eyes have tears of hope. She knows she has to get to the source of the sound. As soon as she can.

She stops. Panting heavily. She looks around to find a cow. The cow is wearing a familiar bell. It is the one she had purchased from the Zurich railway station.

She sees him. With his mandolin. A round brown hat with a white feather tucked into it. He is wearing a black leather jacket. Her eyes smile. She sees him with his arms stretched out. The same innocent face, the same warm smile. He has come back. Her longing has brought him back.

There is no stopping her now. She runs into his arms. Her eyelids are closed - slightly strained. His eyes are closed too. He wraps his arms around her. She clings on to him - she has got her strength back. They are standing motionless. Only the mustard crop is fluttering in the breeze. They are melting in each others' arms. While the fields watch in silence.

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  1. wow... my fav movie...
    waht an apt description...