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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gaping mouths

The bird has its mouth open.

The fish has its mouth open.

One is crying victory.

The other one. well...!

Same actions mean different things. It's the side of the line you are standing on.

Picture courtesy : Janardan Kelkar [he hasn't obviously clicked it. It is downloaded from the website http://www.focuswildlife.com/]

1 comment:

  1. we kill,

    this bird kills for its need,
    we hunt to feed our greed


    there will again be bloodshed in the name of god,

    in the name of sacrifice.

    animals will be slaughtered.

    we call it qurbani.

    isnt staying hungry to feed a goat called qurbani.

    isnt sacrificing your vices called qurbani.

    isnt devoting your life to save someone else qurbani.

    some hunt foxes to 'celebrate' makarsankranti.

    some encourage snakes being trapped by patronising 'charmers' during mahashivratri.

    some slaughter hens for kali pooja.

    some kill turkeys on the eve of 'good' friday.

    some feed a goat and look after it like their child and then give a 'qurbani'.

    religion is about interpretation.

    and we interpret as per our convinience.

    just as we have dry days for liqourless days.

    we have bloodshed days in the name of god.

    lets try to interpret mythology:

    lord shiv had beheded lord ganesh.

    when lord shiva wanted to enter kailash, he was denied entry by ganesh who didnt recognise him.

    he couldnt let someone unknown walk in when his mother - goddess parvati was having bath.

    parvati was angry, she wanted her son alive.

    lord vishnu beheded a elephant and placed it on ganesh's head... and now we have lord ganpati with an elephant face.

    now, how do we interpret this?

    should we do what lord vishnu did so.

    or should we treat kids, the same way as lord shiva did.

    in reality, we do neither.

    we promote the art of clay sculpturing during ganesh chaturthi.

    dont we?

    its not about which religion we follow, all religions preach empathy.

    empathy towards animals.

    just that we interpret it according to our convinience.

    why dont we close our eyes and imagine ourselves or our loved ones under the axe?

    try to imagine that,

    and then you would know how an animal feels.

    and still if we believe that this is gods wish and not our gory interpretation.

    then i would believe that there is no god.

    or that every butcher is a god.

    id then be happy calling myself an athist.