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Monday, December 31, 2007


A mother gives birth. That's how we get to breathe. A mother gives life. That's how we get to be the person that we are. Mother protects. A mother helps us differentiate between the right and the wrong. Mother cares.

A teacher is a mother. A nurse is a mother. A person who helps you get up when you slip over a banana peel, is a mother. A mother is not just a person - it's a feeling. The world's most precious and beautiful feeling.

1 comment:

  1. Yes Aadi ,

    You know that is why in our Indian culture we say "One who cares, loves, helps, soothes is mother"

    thats why we say we have so many mothers here

    *Our own loving mom
    *mother earth
    *mother India (Bharat maata)
    *Gau maiyan (Cow)
    *all Goddess (we call them maata after their name)

    so on....

    It really sounds sweet whan you say "Maa, Mother, Maiya"