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Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Autumn

"Aaditya, you look older than me", my thirty [aah, wouldn't reveal his real age] year old uncle said this to me - and I was not surprised. I suffer from a problem which could be categorised under the 'lifestyle problem' category - hair-loss. Here I share the story of what many people know me by - my receeding hairline.

Long long ago, once upon a time, I applied a cheap hair gel. And there has been no looking back. Because if I look back, I see my hair fallen on my shoulder. Not that I am shedding, but yes, I experienced terrible hairfall in the days I shouldn't have.

Earlier, I used to like it - My hairline was like Akshaye Khanna's. But when you start resembling Amrish Puri, you press the panic button.

And then you collect phone numbers - of Bengali babas [I repeat , "babas" and not "babes" *makes an angelic face*] to Dr. Batra. And you end up calling the dermat who has his clinic closest to your house.

And then begins, a spate of hair massages - gallons of oil being poured over the barren land; scoops of pills going down my throat [and then the commode].

Meanwhile, I had my classmates clicking my pictures every month - not because I looked hot. They wanted to have a 'Before' - 'After' album ready.

The treatment started showing its effect - my dermat renovated his clinic. And I could see sprouts of hair.

Thankfully, it is not as bad now. I look as old as my thirty-year old uncle. :P.

whew, Baal baal bach gayaa..


  1. Hey Aaditya,
    Your autumn has suddenly changed to Spring....

  2. ahahaha...dont worry dude...you'll soon have enough hair to give deepika padukone a run for her money...:)

  3. hey aadi...
    don't worry!!!
    i guess,soon u would be collecting numbers of many hot "babes" and not those Bengali "babas"....with the babes going completely Fida on ur fast growing hairline...!! :P :D

  4. kash... tujhya dokyatil buddhichi supikta tujhya kesanna upayogi padali asati...hahaha..
    dont worrydude.. hair or no hair.. its no way going to affect the babes around you.. hahaha